The following trivia may not be of interest to all, but it shows to a great extent our general economic philosophy. We only use outside services when we can't provide them in-house at a lower price. We adapt to technology, both old and new with a single goal in mind, to become more efficient and save money. Our staff is the most dedicated you will find anywhere. Our facilities are by no means state of the art but from a cost / benefit stand point they meet our needs. We hope you find the following both interesting and informative and we welcome your comments.

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The Golden Years Staff

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The GOLDEN YEARS office is located in this building at 1043 South York Road Suite LL3 in Bensenville IL. We purchased this space a few years ago for $16,000.00, it includes two small offices totaling about 400 square feet. By most standards this is tiny but it fits our needs perfectly. Prior to this purchase we were renting at a cost of $475.00 per month. It took about three years for the office to pay for itself. Now the only costs we have are utilities and an association fee. They amount to a fraction of what we were paying.

The GOLDEN YEARS phone room is a lower level suite in a Bensenville office building. It is approximately 250 square feet and is occupied by our five part time telephone workers. The computer systems were donated or built from used components. The software was created and donated by our Secretary / Treasurer. The efficiency of this operation is about 400 to 500% greater than its manual equivalent.


The GOLDEN YEARS van is a 1989 GMC safari and was purchased in 1995 at a cost of $4,900.00. Its purpose is to deliver mail to the various bulk mail centers, to pick up and deliver food for the needs program, and to pick up supplies that we find them on sale. 


The GOLDEN YEARS mail room, well not really, its one end of our presidents basement. The three machines shown in the photo are a folding machine, an envelope inserting machine, and an envelope sealing machine. These machines were purchased used and cost about $1,000.00. Without them our payroll would increase by about $4,000 per year. 

The GOLDEN YEARS mail room 

The GOLDEN YEARS printing press is a 1960,s vintage A.B.DICK model 350 and was purchased used in 1995 at a cost of $850.00. Because of the large volume of pledge forms, envelopes, and news letters we produce, it made since that we do our own printing. We also had to learn how to operate this press. The process was frustrating but certainly worth while. The press paid for itself the first time we used it and is currently saving us about $5,000.00 per year in outside printing costs. It too resides in our presidents basement.

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